XR Lambeth respond to the Council’s announcement

This is what a citizens’ assembly looks like, Lambeth

Following ever greater public awareness and pressure from Extinction Rebellion  Lambeth, Extinction Rebellion Youth, Youth Strike for Climate and many others, Lambeth Council announced that they will hold a citizens’ assembly on a green new deal in Lambeth.

As our institutions have been failing to address the climate crisis, a citizen’s assembly will give the power back to Lambeth citizens, ensuring fair representation and bold decisions to face the climate emergency.

Extinction Rebellion Lambeth welcomes the council’s announcement but we will now be focusing on holding our councillors to account. We demand that Lambeth Council makes sure that the citizens’ assembly has the scope, budget, independence and impact to make all of us, the people of Lambeth, equal partners in a radical and urgent plan to cut the borough’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2025. 

A citizens’ assembly is a proven model, practised in diverse settings around the world. Anything that doesn’t follow the universally agreed standards is not a citizens’ assembly. 

The main points of a citizens’ assembly can be summarised as follows:

Independence :

  • It must be funded by the council but organised and run by an independent team of coordinators with no prior links to the council or Extinction Rebellion  
  • The purpose and scope of the citizens’ assembly must be set out and agreed before it begins


  • Participants in the citizens’ assembly are randomly selected and must represent the full diversity of Lambeth
  • Evidence will be presented to participants by a diverse range of organisations and independent experts, including input from the wider community
  • The process must be promoted and completely transparent with all presented material, methodology of deliberation and the resulting recommendations being widely shared


  • The council should agree to be bound by recommendations that receive the support of the citizens’ assembly above an agreed threshold

To learn more about citizens’ assemblies, go to citizensassemblies.org/standardy.

We now look forward to hearing Lambeth Council’s plans for turning its promises into meaningful and radical action.

Love and rage,

Extinction Rebellion Lambeth

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